Kirby Panel Prevnext

I needed a new plugin today so I made Kirby Panel Prevnext:



As usual, a tiny feature that helps a lot :slight_smile:


Awesome! It would be great if this could be added to the core!


There’s already a feature request on GitHub:


would love a config setting to excerpt max number of chars for title field. like max 50 chars then ‘…’. in template.php like so:

<?php echo $prev->title()->excerpt(c::get('prevnext.excerpt', 42)); ?>

I’m not sure about that. Maybe the important text in the title is in the end of it?

But if there is a reason for it I think css overflow: ellipsis would be better in this case:

important tex might be at the end but in my case the titles where so long the buttons would be broken into multiple lines ruining the split layout as well – causeing the prevnext functionallity to be come confusing.
but i think the css solution is a good idea. i will extend your plugin myself. i will also make the buttons more button-like in changing the template.php (resusing panel styles).