Kirby Panel Brand

When having multiple environments (local, development and production) and all the panels look the same, it can be easy to be in the wrong Panel.

This plugin add a bar with background color and a text of your choice to make it easier to be alerted when you are in the wrong or right Panel.

It works everywhere in the panel, not just in the panel pages :slight_smile:

c::set('plugin.panel.brand.text', 'Panel Brand');
c::set('plugin.panel.brand.background', '#ae287f');
c::set('plugin.panel.brand.color', '#fff');

More info here:


youre amazing!, thanks a lot for that :blush:

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This is nice, thanks. I always define a development variable in the config-file and add this right after the title:

  <!-- Development-Prefix -->
  <?php if (c::get('development')): ?>
    <script>document.title = "🛠 " + document.title</script>
  <?php endif ?>

(Don’t know how emojis are handled on other platforms than OS X though.)