Kirby Page Builder + oEmbed = 403 error on live server

Hi there!

Has anyone successfully used oEmbed within Kirby Page Builder?
It performs completely fine on my local server but on the live site I’m getting a 403 error in Builder when I try to add an entry containing an oEmbed field in the panel.

Any ideas on how to fix this would be much appreciated!

Sorry for the late reply. Could you please post more details, e.g. your blueprint file so that I can look into this? Thank you.

Thanks for responding.

I setup a simple version for testing using the kirby starterkit and just the 2 plugins.

The idea was to use the oEmbed plugin within the the Site Builder fields. The blueprint is pretty simple. I’m not sure it will reveal much but here it is:

    label: oEmbed Test
    type: oembed
    label: Builder Test
    type: builder
        label: Video
            label: Embedded Media
            type:  oembed

Turns out on Webfaction hosting ( the above is working as intended. On the Hostgator reseller account ( however I do get the same 403 error. They are the same files with the same permissions as far as I can tell.

So it may be a issue with the hosting, although I’m still not sure what is firing the error or how to fix it.

Thanks again for looking into this!

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