Kirby Mail: Add Name und Email in $email(array)

i try to integrate a simply mail form. it runs already. its fine.

now i would add the name from the input form. but i didnt understand the code ;(

i tried to use the line 31. of controllers/contact.php
'from' => 'no-reply@*************',

and write some stuff like these:
'from' => $data['name'].$data['email'],
but how can i combine name and mail?

Try this:

'from' => $data['name'].' <'.$data['email'].'>' ,

thanks for the idea.
the name will appear in the mail. yes. but in this way: name @ server-mail-configuration - unfortunately not the email address from the field email, its the mail-server-config.

its a bit tricky to put an second term to the first part. i have to build the ‘send-mail’ in an other way?

I’m afraid I don’t quite get what you are trying to tell me?