Contact Form Integration

Hello all,

i am trying to implement a contact form on a website and followed this instruction:

Iam using using Kirby 3, but it doesn’t work and I get no errors. No Emails arrived.
What could I did wrong?

Is sendmail() enabled on your server?

Are you trying locally or on a remote server?

I tried this on a remote server: united domains with PHP: 7
Not sure what you mean with sendmail() ?

Iam confused about the snippet:

Where is this defined in the controller, maybe wrong path?

I created a folder: emails with a php file email in the templates folder

Structure in example should be this:


You don’t even get the message that the form could not be sent?

Its online here:

Hm, but I get a success message? So sending the mail seems to work. Have you checked your spam folders, tried to resend multiple times?

Yes, seems like I get a message from you in the spam. But mine still doesn’t arrived. You wrote a text in German right?

But shouldn’t your email be displayed in the mail:

Hello Company,

<?= $text ?>

<?= $sender ?>

Yes, exactly. I sent it multiple times to make sure it arrives. It’s probably your spam settings deleting them.


Not in the body, the body has the sender’s name:

Hello Company,
Guten Tag, bitte senden Sie uns noch Ihre Bewerbungsunterlagen. Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Melville, Hermann
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Thank you. So seems to work than :slight_smile:

It would probably make sense to use a mail service for sending mails.