Kirby Layout - Ratio Image not working

Hi there,
I’m using Kirby layout to insert an image into 2 or 3 column (client option).

I cannot understand why the “Ratio” setting doesn’t effects the image.
I’m trying to set all the images to 16:9 proportion (crop already activated) but for some media file doesn’t change…

Could be an issue related to the Images’s format?

Are you using the default block snippet or your onw?

I’ve made some changes, basically I’ve assigned a custom class to the column (with display grid)

If it only affects some images, then maybe they are too small to be cropped?

Hi there, yeah I’ve noticed that this “error” is related to the image’s size.

Anyway is It possibile to hide some kirby field such us “link” or “caption”?
Also It would be great if the ratio and crop can be already setted to 16:9 and crop true… is that possible?

You can overwrite the default snippet, just make a copy with the same file name (in this case image.yml) as the original in /site/blueprints/blocks.

The default blueprint code is here:

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