Image aspect ratio and cropping with Image Block not working

Hi all

Just trying out the brand new Blocks and it’s amazing :+1:

For now, I’m a bit at loose ends with the aspect ratio and cropping feature of the image block. I’m using the plain standard block:

    - image

Setting the aspect ratio and the cropping instantly shows the updated version in the panel. However, in the rendering of the actual homepage, it shows the original image. I noticed, that the crop and aspect ratio info is shown in a data attribute (data-crop and data-ratio):

Am I missing something? Should there be some out of the box javascript magic doing it all? Or is it up to the developer to access those attributes and perform the changes?

Just for testing puropse, I created my own image rendering in /snippet/blocks/image.php and applied the good old $file->crop()and this works fine. So there’s no server side Imagick/GD issue.

Any ideas?

Thanks & cheeers


Nope, Kirby doesn’t come with any strange magic.

Yes, all up to you. Either you use these attributes, or you come up with custom HTML for the block that serves your purposes.