Kirby Languages loop

Trying to loop through the two languages I have on the site to create hreflang tags for english and german.

<?php foreach($kirby->languages() as $language): ?>
    hreflang="<?php echo strtolower(html($language->locale(LC_ALL))); ?>"
    href="<?= $page->url($language->code()); ?>" />
<?php endforeach ?>

As soon as I remove the href $page object it shows both as it should. If I include it (to get the relevant url) and try to load the german version of any page at /de it only shows the german hreflang and not the english one too. Any ideas?

Have you tested this in a fresh Starterkit? What is your Kirby version? I can’t reproduce this…

I was on 3.1.3. I tried it from scratch with starterkit and it work. So I’ve updated to 3.3.1 on my project and it now seems to work. Thank ya kindly.