Kirby Konf 2020

It’s official! We will be running the first ever Kirby Konf on March 21st 2020 in Mainz, Germany:

3st Digital has invited us to host the event in their offices and we couldn’t be more excited!

It’s going to be a cosy first event with a Barcamp-style agenda. It’s all about meeting the community and talking to other Kirby developers and users. We have around 40 seats available. The event will be free. More details will follow soon.

Please click “attend” on the event page if you want to take part.

We hope to see you all next March :slight_smile:


Nice! it’s one day, right?

Yes, it’s a one-day event. In addition we will most likely have a warm-up meetup on the 20th and hang out together after the event. But the details for this are not fixed yet.

Cool. Keep us in the loop on the program. I am considering to join in from the Netherlands.

I’m in… :slight_smile:

Did you close the registration? So, if you get more seats …

I don’t think so, looks like you are already on the list? Currently, the list is just a “I am interested, but not sure I will make it list”. We will soon finalize this some more.

Ahh, thanks,
It was completed just by registing to colloq…

Just for reference:

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Great News! Happy to hear and I will join.