Kirby is so slow sometimes?

Hi, I’m using Kirby for one year and my love to this peace of software is infinite. Today I was trying to get a PDF URL from a folder. The site is multilanguage, and I have the PDF in English and Spanish. Then I do this to get the PDF I want:

<?php echo $page->parent()->documents()->filterBy('filename', '*=', '.'.$site->language())->first()->url() ?>

And it’s extremely slow, I’m doing it right? there’s a better(automated) way to get that document?

It’s really difficult to say what makes this call slow here. Does your parent directory contain lots of files? Maybe I can have a look at it directly? If so, just send me an email

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Thanks Bastian,
email sent!

I don’t know what the cause is in this case - but if you have many many files in your parent directory this ought to be slow.

@bastianallgeier I just wondered: Is there a reason findBy doesn’t accept an operator like filterBy does?

Ok, it seems it was my local server. Thanks for your support! :wink: