Kirby Headline Jump v.0.3

Click to jump between Kirby Panel headline groups. Screenshot below…

Problems with accordions / tabs

I’ve used accordions and tabs fields/plugins many times. They make a great overview, but they also hide stuff. In some cases it means that fields can be hard to find.

Problems with the built in headline field

The built in headline field is good, it doesn’t hide anything, but I miss the overview from the accordions and tabs fields/plugins.

I wanted a combination of them. Show everything, but with a good overview. This plugin creates an index of the headlines. Just click on one of them to go to a headline group.

In the screenshot below I’ve clicked “Headline 2”:


And there is also a usability issue. If an error occurs, the field that is concerned may not be visible. Also, the user does not see/may be in doubt what she/he saves to file.

(It’s not lunchtime, yet?)


Really good points Sonja! Now I never want to use accordians or tabs again… :slight_smile:

I took my lunch an hour early today. Coding plugins makes me hungry . :poultry_leg:

You must be hungry most of the time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


While I too think there are a few issues with tabs, I recently added the “Jump to tab where error occurs” functionality to this tabs plugin:

@jenstornell Very nice plugin. Definitely gonna use this in some projects with extensive blueprints. :heart:

That’s definitely an improvement :slight_smile:


LOL. :smiley:


That sounds clever, if it works. That plugin was my choice before, when I used tabs.

Version 0.3 released


Because of my “sponsor”, I put priority on fixing two bugs on this plugin. I also switched from vanilla js to jQuery, because the panel uses jQuery anyway.


  • Bugfix - Site option headline jump now works as expected.
  • Bugfix - This plugin in combination with the image field drag and drop did not work. Now it does.
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