Kirby functionality

My question is if I insert a folder in templates how can I reach it?

since name of blueprint and thus metadata file depend on it i am not sure this is supported for the site/template folder.

its possible for snippets though.

why do you need folders? maybe using a - like in folder-file.php is good enough for sorting templates?

because I need to use this plugin

its not a kirby 2 or kirby 3 plugin and 6 years old. what feature are you looking for? what usecase are you trying to solve?

Please always indicate the Kirby version you are using by choosing either the Kirby 2 questions or Kirby 3 questions categories for questions.

Kirby 2 requires at least PHP 5.6, Kirby 3 PHP 7.1+. With a plugin almost 6 years old, I doubt it supports any of these versions. Apart from that, you shouldn’t use PHP versions below 7.2, since they are no longer actively supported. And 7.1 will only get security updates till 1 Dec 2019.