Kirby Create Permission Issue

I was having issues with the new Kirby 3 create function but got that resolved only to find that if I am not logged into Kirby the create will not work and presents a “You are not allowed to create” warning.

Original issue: $page->create Kirby 3 change

The code:

  'parent' => page('careers/application/'),
  'slug' => $_id,
  'template' => 'application',
  'draft' => 0,
  'content' => $_POST

Would I use $filepermissions or $pagepermissions for this?

You have to authenticate or impersonate:

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Thanks, I was on the right track there the part with the visitor permissions threw me off. Can create() be controlled through the blueprint for the page?

It’s working fine with the impersonate either way. Thanks!

Yes, you can set

  create: false


    editor: false

You can also set these permissions in your user blueprints, but then they apply to all pages. Note that blueprint settings also apply when you do something programmatically.