Kirby CMS Debugger Showing up

Suddenly the front end of my Kirby page has been taken over by the “Kirby CMS Debugger” page with code.
Here is the page:

I am not sure how to get it back to the regular interface(the backend looks fine)

Any help is most appreciated!!!

There are two things:

  1. You have a ‘debug’ set to true in the site/config/config.php file
  2. there’s an error on your site: You’re trying to access page ‘exhibitions’ to get its title, but it’s drafted or deleted, so the page is null when you try to get its title()

If you turn off the debug option, you’ll see a message like “There’s an error on your page. Turn on debugger or fix it” or something to that effect. (which is better on live sites anyway, so you don’t leak your internal code to the internet in case of error)

The other thing is fixing the bug: put the whole code under something like if ($exhibitionsPage = page('exhibitions')), so you don’t try to access it if it doesn’t exist, or many other options you have when programming.