Kirby Boiler Plugin

For quite some time ago I release Kirby Boiler Field.

Now it’s time to release Kirby Boiler Plugin

It’s quite big I think, even the boiler field is in there:


The plugin machine strikes again :wink:


nice boilerplates.

I’ve just a question about the boilercheckboxes: if i only want one checkbox how i tell the field to use 1/1 width of the panel layout?

Apart from the fact that a single option does not really make sense: You would have to add an additional class depending on the number of options and then do the rest in your CSS. Or style your checkboxes with flexbox or grid.

It’s a checkbox so it can be checked or not… so it makes sense.

I found the mistake: the boiler field extends CheckboxesField.
What i need is to extend the single CheckboxField. Now i have
one checkbox that spans the whole panel fields layout.

Exactly, for a single option, a checkbox field is the right choice.