Kirby Blueprint: Select related projects?

I’d like to find a way to create a contextual link between subpages.

Is it possible to create a field (in a blueprint of a subpage) with type: checkboxes and all other existing subpages as this field’s options?

The idea is, to have a field called »Similar Projects« followed by a list of all projects (subpages) to select as being similar.

Would appreciate any help with this.

Yes, that is possible. Instead of checkboxes, I would recommend the Kirby Relationship plugin, especially if the list of possible pages is long.

The fetch logic would be the same, no matter if you use the plugin or the checkboxes:

  label: Related Pages
  type: checkboxes #or relationship
  options: query
    fetch: siblings

For other options, like the displayed text and the value that is saved, see the checkboxes docs.

Keep in mind that links to related pages are not updated automatically if the page is deleted or moved.

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