Kirby Blocks - image.yml not corresponding with panel

Good Sunday to everyone,

I’m trying to add additional field for images to be seen in panel, what I don’t get is why isn’t it corresponding to image block:

this is what I mean:

I’m probably looking at wrong image.yml :slight_smile: unfortunately I don’t know where to find right blueprint for the image block to add additional fields.

You have to put that file into /site/blueprints/blocks/image.yml, not /site/blueprints/files/blocks

I’ve done exactly that:

Now in panel I’m seeing this error message instead of blocks field:

Ok, I think we have a misunderstanding here (and I didn’t look closely), that is not a block blueprint but a file blueprint. Please check out the original image.yml block template that you want to extend for an example.

You can find all original blueprints here: Blocks | Kirby

and the one for the image block here: image | Kirby

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Thanks texnixe! Now everything works :slight_smile: