Kirby as core for wiki web-app


TL;DR: what are the trade-offs in terms of security and long-term maintenance between writing own php-js based wiki web-app, and use kirby core for the php part of the app?

for a project i decided to build a wiki from scratch using php + js, and so have a chance to try out making my first php web-app.

a thought crept in my head last night about security and the long-term maintenance of the app. so i began thinking of using kirby core as backend, plus maybe some custom plugins, and write the panel and the frontend as one js web-app.

what are your thoughts about this?

i like to think that this might be a better more long-term approach, as i won’t have to patch up the php app myself with the latest vulnerabilities problems every other month (or whatever the rate for that is).

but at the same time i wonder what are the real risks involved in writing a custom php-js based web-app for a specific small client. it comes down to how much other times i’ll use it for other projects?

curious to hear your opinions and words of wisdom about it!

LOL time to archive this.