Can Kirby be adapted for an open wiki?

Quite new here even if I toyed a bit with kirby and enjoy reading the topics from time to time. :smile:

I’m running a website with articles/podcasts using wordpress but I also have an open wiki running on mediawiki. I’m trying right now to remake the website using a single CMS and I need a few things:

  • A static website for content with a dual language version
  • Create a few blogs for key members of the team
  • A wiki
  • with open registration
  • where people can add content
  • I can check versionning

For the website and the blogs kirby looks like the ideal thing. But for the wiki I could not find a lot of examples. So I’mjust asking right here: do you think Kirby can be used for a classic wikipedia usage?

Thanks for your help and continue posting, I like reading about all your projects!

It would be possible to build a front-end with which users could create and edit some pages (in the wiki part). However, versioning would be another level of complexity. All of this Kirby does not support out of the box, but could potentially be build with Kirby. But at some point you’d need to ask yourself where to stop and just use existing solutions that are designed as wikis, I guess.

Ha, a couple days ago I was wondering how versioning could be done with Kirby’s structure.
Versioning only the text file, or the whole folder including files? Sounds like a big mess TBH :slight_smile:

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@distantnative You’re right about this of course. The problem is, I’ve been using mediawiki for this for a few years. Since it’s a hobby project that grew quite big over time I haven’t had time to keep it up to date and mediawiki is quite a mess now. Working on a single CMS could help keep securtity and features coming.

@Malvese For a wiki like mediawiki there’s only the text saved as images are uploaded elsewhere. Saving text only is enough since insering a link goes directly to the image folder.

Thanks both for your answers. :slight_smile: