Kirby 3 Snipcart Plugin HTTP ERROR 500

I try to test the Kirby 3 Snipcart Plugin locally, using MAMP.

If I bring in the Snipcart API test key and the API secret test key in the config.php I get error 500. If I just use the script tag from Snipcart, it works. Even without that secret key.

I force https locally within the .htaccess and have a local SSL Certificate from MAMP.

In an older question it says “Plugin options always have to include the developer and plugin names as prefixes.” What does that mean in this context and how to I add those prefixes if needed?

See the plugin docs: GitHub - HashandSalt/kirby3-snipcart: A Snipcart plugin for Kirby CMS

How did you add them?

I pasted the key in between the ' '. Like This:

The second line for the apikeytest has a = instead of =>

… oh man…
{Thank you!}