Kirby 3 local install on DDEV issues: no image generated


I migrated my dev environment from valet to DDEV.
I am installing Kirby 3 (latest version) without any problem except no image shown either in front and back office.
The different folders have been created in the MEDIA folder but without any image.

What did I do wrong?

Are you running ddev with nginx? Just guessing… try switching to apache and see if it works. In your ddev/config.yaml

webserver_type: apache-fpm

and of course:

ddev restart

to apply the change

Are the job files created?


Yes, I set up DDEV with Nginx.
I thought I need to add a custom driver to make Kirby working on DDEV as on Laravel Valet.
So, you’re right, Kirby works like a charm with Apache.
Thanks for pointing me to this.


If creating job files means files are uploaded in the content folder, so yes.
On the other side, files in the Media folder aren’t generated.

How to add the Solved tag to this post?
EDIT: I just tick Solution and the tag is magically added. Fine.

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