Kirby 3.3.0-rc.2 is here!

After a first private release candidate yesterday, the first fully public release candidate for 3.3.0 is now available:

3.3.0 is a massive new release with more than 110 closed tickets in just one month. We added dozens of enhancements and a few really cool new features. But more importantly this release is all about fixing issues and solving day-to-day problems for you and your users.

You can find the full change log here:

Testing those release candidates really helps us to solve last glitches before the final release. We appreciate any helping hand!

We hope you like it. The final release is planned for November 5th.


Sorry, “See all unsaved changes” does not work for me.

I run XAMPP Version: 7.2.15, PHP/7.2.15, on Win10 64Bit as my development system.

I have made some changes in Kirby version: 3.3.0-rc.2 using the panel and did not save these, I have done this each using Firefox and Chrome.

But in both browsers I only can read in the panel:

That is deferent from:

The feature is only visible for users with a valid license.

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Thank you very much for changing your mind. And also many thanks for the other requests on Github and to @texnixe for her issue on this.

I will test the new rc-version this weekend.

That the unsaved changes can only be seen when a license is active I do not think is very clever. I assume that nearly no one during the development on the localhost or on a development subdomain activates the license.

And in this time most people work at the site. At least that’s the case with us. During development often 3-4 people work on the content of the page. And when the page goes live, changes are rarely made. And then we have that feature that was needed before.

So does it really make sense?

The issue has been fixed, check out rc-3

Now tested with Kirby 3.3.0-rc.4.

Thank you, “See all unsaved changes” is working now. I like it very much!