Kirby-3.2.0-rc.4: Error in panel, if language different from blueprint-languages

To get these errors do some preparations:

  • download Starterkit_3.1.4
  • update to Kirby_3.2.0-rc.4
  • change site\blueprints\pages\home.yml to
### site\blueprints\pages\home.yml

title: Home
icon: 🏠

  status: false

    type: info
      de: Deutsche Information
      en: English Information
      de: |
          Alle Inhalte für die Homepage werden von der Fotoseite geholt.
      en: |
          All content for the homepage is being pulled from the photography page.

    headline: Photography
    extends: sections/albums
    status: listed
  • change site\blueprints\site.yml to
### site\blueprints\site.yml

title: This website
  # sidebar
  - width: 1/3

      # a list of all **level one** subpages
        type: pages
          de: Seiten
          en: Pages
        image: false

      # a list of **site** files
        type: files
          de: Globale Dateien
          en: Global files

  # main
  - width: 2/3
        type: info
          de: Globale Felder
          en: Global fields
          de: |
              Diese Website verwendet keine globalen Felder, z.B. für die Felder im <HEAD> jeder Webseite.
              Daher gibt es hier derzeit keine Eingabe-Felder.
          en: |
              This website uses no global fields, e.g. for the fields in the <HEAD> of every webpage.
              Therefore there are currently no input-fields here.

First test:

This is ok (no error).

Now look at the errors:

This is different from the panel with a panel-language equal to en (or de).

I think this are two errors (info-fields and info-sections).

I think these bugs should not delay the release of Kirby version 3.2.0.

The error message is a bug, the second empty field not so much. Or what would be the expected output if the language is not defined?

We could probably fall back to the first translation provided, I guess. Or always require an English translation.

What was the behaviour in Kirby 3 versions prior to 3.2.0-rc4?

I think, the first langauge should be the default for not existing languages, especially if there is no English translation.
For not english websites that may be better. And the developer can use English as the first language in the corresponding blueprint, if he/she wants or needs.

The site-page shows on Kirby_3.1.4:

The home-page shows the same error as in the new version.

Thank you @texnixe for your issue on GitHub [Panel] Empty label, placeholder etc. translations when language is not defined #1876.

Here you find the missing blueprints from my underlying issue in the forum.

This will be fixed in 3.2.5