Kirby 2.3.2 is here!

We have a new maintenance release out now, which comes with many small, but very useful updates and fixes:

We hope you like it :slight_smile:

P.S. Thanks for all your feedback and issue reports in the last weeks.


Good work! Nice to see it so soon! :smiley:

Do you expect a 2.3.3 before 2.4? Maybe you don’t know or don’t want to tell and in that case it’s fine anyway. :slight_smile:

Unless there will be any new important bugs to fix, we will probably jump directly to 2.4


…I’m also hoping the new Starterkit makes it into 2.4. :wink:


@bastianallgeier what exactly you mean whit maintenance release?

But nice to see it :blush:

@thesmithy See this definition of maintenance release:

Although the current release has some nice minor features and thus does not really qualify as a maintenance release in the strict sense of the word. Basically, it does not add any new features that may break anything when doing an update to an existing site.

Okay, Thanks you :slight_smile:

Greek translation!!!

The translation was there before, but has been updated in Kirby 2.3.2. :slight_smile:

Oops. I hadn’t noticed. Will come in handy for sure!

Hi there! :slight_smile:

I tried to update a website from Kirby 2.3.0 to Kirby 2.3.2 but in the panel I get:

Kirby Information
Toolkit Version: 2.3.0
Kirby Version: 2.3.2
Panel Version: 2.3.2

Which files(s) did I miss to update? :thinking:

Thank you in advance!

How did you update? The toolkit is a folder within the kirby folder, you haven’t updated it yet.

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Do you have Try to Delet the Panel and the Kirby Folder from the 2.3.0 Version, and replace it whit the new Kirby and the Panel Folder from the 2.3.2 Version?

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Copy the new files and folder over the old one with Windows, because I have no idea which is the correct way to update. I want to preserve my one website and don’t copy the Kirby demo website data. :flushed:

Then you can just remove the tookit folder from the kirby folder and replace that with the new one (just download it from the repo), although it should already have been replaced when you replaced the kirby folder.

If you want an easier way to update the core folders, think about using the kirby cli.


Thank you I’ll try. :smiley:

Is the Kirby cli for the macOS X/ Linux Terminal?

I’m not sure whether I have direct access to the server terminal.

You can use it on Windows Also, but you have to install Composer. Here you find all Informations

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Well, yes, you need access the command line on your server and as @thesmithy mentioned, Composer must be installed as well.

Edit: Another option is to use Git version control, I have just updated the docs.