Kirby 2.2 beta | users forms blueprints


what is the correct format for users forms blueprints? ex admin.yml

          label: mycustom field
          type: text
          width: 1/2

this is not working, is not implemented yet or i was missing something?

thanks sorry for my english

Think it should look like this:

    label: Test
    type: text

You can also give it title, but does not seem to be required.

i am putting ex, admin.yml on


not working, any idea?

Yes, the folder is correct, but as I wrote above, it should say “fields:” at the top of the file, otherwise it will not work.

Edit: otherwise pls. check if you panel version number is 2.2.0, you may also want to pull the latest changes to the dev branch.

my panel version is 2.2.0, where can i get 2.2.2?

i am using

 git clone -b develop --recursive


i create a file call: admin.yml on /site/blueprints/users/admin.yml

    label: Test
    type: text

espectative: when i create a new user on panel i want a new field call test.
result: only have default fields when create a New user. Custom fields only appears when I edit the user created.

Is that behavior correct?

Sorry, that was a typo, should read 2.2.0.

I don’t know what’s wrong, I tested it in a fresh install and it works for users in admin role.

only works, after i created the user. when i edit the user.

Oh, now I get it, yes, that may be a bug, but maybe it is by design, because you cannot possibly know the role assigned to a user before the user has actually been saved.

ok, where can i report this bug? or you can do it?

It’s by design as you need to have the user object for adding the blueprint fields:

p.s. in general, panel bugs can be reported by opening a new issue on GitHub: