Kirby 2.2.2 - Panel - Remove red length/character

Can you remove the red length/character in panel? We use text boxes for some numeric fields with validation and help. This new length/character count is very confusing and not needed - can it be disabled?

You should probably rather use type: number and not type: text.

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More specific:

type: number:
min: 1000
max: 20000
step: 1

step: 1 ist the default, Iā€™m just mentioning it in case you actually want to use a different one, e.g. for a price step: 0.01 could make sense.

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Thanks for that, I did not realise you could set min-max on number fields. However the spinner/arrows whatever you call are very small and a bit hard to use?

These are put in by your browser. You can also select and type the number like in a text field.

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even better! you can use the up and down keys to increase/decrease the number by the step you defined. This is actually a quite nice ux compared to a simple text field + you get the number keyboard on mobile.