KIII Theme modification

Hi all,

Thanks a lot for your wonderful work on Kirby.

I have very little skills in web coding, yet I still tried to make a website using KIII theme for my sister’s activity.

Here’s the link of the website : Herboristerie Paysanne | Vertus Sauvages

I would like my header, navbar and footer to have a width of 100% on the website. I managed to add a header section with an image on top of my navbar by modifying the snippet “Header” and adding a header section to my panel, but I can’t find where to extend the width of it.

After some research I guess I need to modify some lines in the assets/css/grid part, regarding the container of the site, but I don’t know which ones.

Also I couldn’t find the info on how to colorize basic text in the website.

Thanks a lot for you help,