Keeping layout settings after changing

Hi Kirby team,

Just wondering, when switching Layouts, is it possible to keep already assigned settings and port it over to the new Layout?
i.e. after setting background colour in a 2-column layout, the background colour remains after it has been switched to a 3-column layout.

At the moment, all the settings are reset once changed.

Thank you!

If the relevant fields have been defined in the corresponding blueprints and named the same, these settings will be adopted when changing the templates. In the templates, the output fields must also be present and named the same. Common examples are title(), subheading(), text(), etc. This consistency should also be applied to own defined fields.

At the moment, all the settings are reset once changed.

Probably they were not taken over, because they were not defined in the other template. In the .txt the contents will still be there.

That’s true, and might be on purpose, assuming that many settings might not make sense for other layouts. Maybe this should be optional.

But maybe create a feature request on, if that request doesn’t exist yet.

@GB_DESIGN The question is about the layout field, not about changing templates.

I think, this is a bug and seems easy to fix. I hope will be fixed in beta.3:

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Thank you everyone! And looking forward to beta3 :slight_smile: