Json api multiselect field

Hi all,

I’m trying to populate a multiselect field using an Api url. I’ve looked at the checkbox field example which instructs me to return a Json object.

When checking the URL it does return a Json object but the multi select field doesn’t show any results.

The only difference I’ve found is that the Api I’m calling only has the endpoint and not a corresponding Json file… Is this the problem I wonder?


Have you checked if the format is. correct? Have you tried. if it works with. a standard. select or checkboxes. field?

hey @texnixe,

I’ll check to see if it works with the select/checkboxes and report back.

The formatting is definitely correct too :slight_smile:

hey @texnixe,

got it working, it worked with the checkbox and then swapped it back to the multiselect and it worked??

may have been a formatting error with the yaml file i’m guessing!

thanks for your help!