Japanese translation variables

Hi all.

Just working on a bilingual site with EN/JP and I’m working with using the following to translate buttons, navigation etc on the site that had no page/title affiliation. But it is only showing the JP version when implemented. Any ideas?

<?php echo t('Read more ...', 'もっと読む ...') ?>

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I came up with a basic workaround by doing this, if it helps anyone in the future.

<? if($kirby->language() == 'en'): ?>Project partners:<? else: ?>プロジェクトパートナー:<? endif ?>


Hi, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

By defining a fallback in the t() helper (your second argument with the Japanese string), you advise Kirby to render that string unless there is a registered translation for Read more ... available in /site/languages/en.php.

The elegant way to deal with this would be to write <?php echo t('Read more ...', 'Read more ...') ?> and then provide the Japanese translation in your /site/languages/jp.php file:


return [
  'code' => 'jp',
  /* all the other settings for your locale here */
  'translations' => [
    'Read more ...' => 'もっと読む ...',
    /* all your other translation strings here */

For a more thorough example, see:

Edit: Fixed omission in example, as pointed out by @pixelijn below (thx!)

Note that Read more is only the translation key. Nothing will be rendered if you don’t provide translations in all languages, unless you set a fallback.

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Hey @sebastiangreger and @pixelijn, this is what I was trying originally. Unfortunately it was only ever showing the JP translation. This workaround will do for now, but I definitely revisit this method again. Thanks for getting in touch, much appreciated. I’ve been a Kirby user since v 1.0, but not active on here until now :slight_smile:

Maybe we can find out together where you are wrong if you post your /site/language files…