Issues with Multilingual mode


I meet some issues with the multilingual mode:

If the default language is not set to En

  • Kirby use the default blueprint instead of the appropriate blueprint in the panel
  • Kirby use the default template instead of the appropriate template for a page

Even if the page exist in the two or more language (exemple.en.txt and …)

Edit: I’ve found a similar problem in this post concerning the default template but no mention of the blueprint problem

Are you sure the template file names, content file names & blueprint file names are written correctly?

I have a site where the default language is set to fr and everything works.

Every time I had a similar problem, it was due to a typo in a file name.

It works perfectly when the default language is set to "en"
So if there was a typo in a file, it would not work for both language.

The team promised to solve the issue in Kirby 2.5.
When templates will work again, the bleuprints will work as well.

Ok so it’s a related problem. I’m going to wait until the next release.

Thanks for your precision.