isResizable() on SVGs

Does anyone know why the isResizable() method is triggered on an SVG? A SVG should not be changeable or should it? Current case from GitHub:

isResizable() only checks if the given file has one of these extensions

  $resizable = [

Anything else should return false.

I’d say the problematic line is this one:

$excluded = in_array( $file->page()->intendedTemplate(), $excludeTemplates ) || in_array( $file->page()->uid(), $excludePages );

$file->page() returns false if you upload to the site object, so the call on intendedTemplate() in that case is on false.

Thanks, I am aware of the error with $site. But what makes no sense for me is that the isResizeable() function contains a SVG that is not resizable. I’ll open a case on GitHub. Thanks

The problem would be rather with the $this->extension() method which returns the wrong value, for whatever reason.

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You are right! Just tested with SVGs too and for me the SVGs work too and give me a false. There must be something wrong with the file!