Is there a way to view the assets folders in the panel

I recently started using Kirby and for the most part it seems very straight forward and easy to use. I have a few questions I hope you can clear up.

According to the documentation, the assets/images folder could be used for site wide images. This sounds like a great idea but I can’t find a way to view the contents of the assets folder from the panel. Any help with this would be appreciated.

Also, is there a reason for using the assets/images folder as opposed to just adding files to the site root? I see that adding files to the site root is possible from the panel and using these would appear to be the same as using them from the assets/images folder. This usage of the assets/images folder has me confused with what users can access from the panel and what they can not.

The assets folder is not accessible from the Panel.

If you want to make images accessible for the user, put them into the page and site folders.

The assets folder is meant for images that should not be accessible by the user, because they are used in the site layout and should not be changed or deleted, e.g. the logo, background images used in stylesheets, icons etc.