Is it possible to make Upload default and only option in files field?

I would like to make “Upload” instead of “Add” with selection:


So that result would be only one button: Upload, without any selection.

Why? The main purpose of a select field is to select something. Your user would never be able to select an already uploaded file then.

And no, that’s not possible. You can create a custom field, though.

Workflow for client is usually upload one or few files, so purpose is to have one click instead of two, also easier to understand, that user has just to upload, rather than see two options and be confused what he should select.

Possible to use files section, but problem is that it can be used only once on the page, also it’s better to work with files field in templates.

But if the user has already uploaded a file, then another, and then changes their mind and wants to get back to the first file, there would be no way to achieve that. They cannot upload an already existing file and they cannot select that anymore, either.

To make it easier for users who might be confused, some help text could be, well, helpful.

If the purpose is only to upload one or more files, then go with a files section. You can use as many files sections on a page as you need, only it would probably make sense to assign different templates to those files sections to prevent that all sections show the same files.

Ok, clear, thank you.

Files field vs. files section:

Files field

  • Select one or more files from a (larger) set of files
  • The ID(s) of the selected file(s) are stored in the page’s content file
  • Upload a single file at a time, the newly uploaded file is then automatically selected
  • Deleting a file uploaded via the files field is only possible via the file view (or through a files section), not directly from the files field
  • Templates can be assigned to uploaded files via the upload option
  • The files set to select from can be defined using the query option; the query allows you to fetch files from different parents and to filter the set by any criteria; if no query is set, the field defaults to files of the current page
  • You can only upload to a single page; default parent is the current page

Files section

  • Upload one or more files at once to a single parent
  • Files can only be uploaded to a single page; the destination is set with the parentoption
  • Files can be filtered by template only
  • You can limit what type of files can be uploaded with the accept option in the given files template
  • Files are only uploaded to the given parent, the IDs of the uploaded files are not stored anywhere
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One further important difference: Files sections can’t be translated. If the user should be able to pick different files per language you can’t use the files section.

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