Is it possible to leave related page after changing URL?

I am using pages field to select, which pages should be shown on frontpage. The problem is, that after changing related page URL, it’s no longer saved:

Is it possible to make it remain all the time?

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That is indeed a problem, the best solution is to use the AutoID plugin and store the AutoID instead of the page’s UID. The alternative would be to assign permanent IDs to pages, e.g. at page creation in a hidden field via a hook and then store that instead when creating relations between pages.

Thank you, AutoID plugin seems like a good solution, will try it.

Is it possible save autoid value instead page uid within pages field? Thanks
Well, I found this issue: :wink:

Sorry to jump in after the case was Solved but this idea of storing the AutoID instead of page’s UID seems to be the best way.

But is there a way to do that while using:
type: pages
instead of
type: select or type: multiselect

According the latest post from @illycz, the idea on the repo didn’t move forward yet, so I’m wondering if you @Roman could provide an insight of how you managed to store the AutoID or resolved the problem of changing the slug after it’s been related to a page?

Again sorry for jumping on it so late!