Automatically add to related pages field when page is added added to current one


it might sound confusing but the result is quite simple:
Is it possible to add the current page automatically to the related one when the related one is added to the current pages field.

The goal ist to add the connection between the pages by only adding the relation once instead of “from both sides”.
Bildschirmfoto 2020-09-13 um 13.54.33

See screenshot and blueprint part attached:

    label: Designer
    type: pages
    query: site.find('bibliothek/designers')

Yes, you can do that in your template by filtering the siblings. There is no need to actually store this information in the content file.

But is it visible in the panel then (from both sides)?

No, it won’t be. If you want it to be visible in the Panel, you would have to use a page.update:after hook and actually store the information in the other page.