Bi-directional Relations via Pages Field

Hello crowd,
I want to use a Pages field for related pages, that kind of stuff. Now, the pages mentioned in this field should have a pages field too and automatically display the Pages they were mentioned on - has anybody done this before and knows a quick (query language) way of doing this?

(I guess custom page model is the way to go)

Do you want to display them in another field or in the same field where you also select the related pages? In that case, you would have to also store this information in the field, which is probably not the best idea.

See also this thread: Automatically add to related pages field when page is added added to current one

It would be a separate field, like „this Page was mentioned here“ you know - thanks for the forum link!

Ok, I think you don’t actually need a custom method but filtering could do the job, I think.

The only question is what type of field you would want to use to display this information. You could definitely use the pagesdisplay plugin.

Normal pages field should suffice, I guess, don’t need any fancy filtering/display options