Is it possible to create a Panel section containing a collection of pages?

I know that a section in a blueprint with the type: pages can have a parent option. Which is very good. But is it also possible to get a collection by a query? For example.

        type: pages
        headline: Merchants
        query: pages.findBy("affiliate_network_merchant_id", page.affiliate_network_id)
        create: affiliatenetwork

Or can I filter which pages to show up in the list from the parent?

You can’t use a query in a section. You could override the children() method in a Page Model, but that would then affect the frontend as well, unless you switch the behavior of the method depending on whether you are in the Panel or the front-end.

Ok. Sounds like trouble… Is this some thing that could come in the future? I think it would be a very nice feature to be able to filter out pages in a Panel section.

That’s something that was originally planned but then stalled because it didn’t work reliably. But it is a feature many people have already requested and it is on the wishlist