Query for individual pages in panel section

I am trying to have a very clean panel for a client which includes one kirby pagetable for the projects and then settings for different pages (which are just the pages objects itself). The pages are however not all subpages of a parent and therefore I don’t know how to query for them in just one page section.

I tried putting all the pages that I wanted to display as subpages of a parent page, but obviously then the url reflects that, which I don’t want.

Is there anything I’m missing to do this cleaner?

Edit: Now that I think about it, I could make it work by just creating pseudo-setting-pages for the corresponding pages. E.g. making a Settings page and having children pages like: homepage-settings, anotherpage-settings, etc. Is that the way to go?

So those settings pages can be first level pages as well as supages of some parent?

Oh sorry, I didn’t receive any notification that you already answered.

This is how I set it up now:
I have the pages /productions and /studios. These have to be first level pages so the url is domain.com/productions etc.
The settings pages however, which contain the fields for the top level pages are now put into a folder called settings. Now I can use the pages section in the backend to output all child pages of that settings parent, so all settings pages. And then in the template I just query for the settings page manually to get all the field data.

I still feel like I’m doing something wrong or at least not in the best way. Would you recommend something else?

I don’t really understand why you don’t just filter the so-called settings pages in a pages section by template if they are supposed to be first level pages rather then subpages of a settings folder. Like in the site.yml of the Starterkit, where we have sections for notes and albums and then a section for the rest of the pages.

Ah, there it is! I thought filtering by parent was the only way to filter a pages section! Thanks, that will do just what I want!