Is it possibble to parse kirbytext tags without markdown?

I’d like to use kirbytext to parse just kirbytags in plain text, without going through markdown. Is this possibble in any way?

If I’m not totally mistaken, you could just disable markdown in the config. Kirbytext cannot be disabled.

You can do that by setting “markdown” to false, the boolean value.

I haven’t tested it, though.


There doesn’t seem to be an option to disable markdown any more.

I tried c::set('markdown', 'false'); and it did nothing. Also not listed in the Kirby options any more.

I totally forgot that the easy way around this is to wrap content inside a div. But that feels so inelegant.

Try setting the false as a boolean and not a string: c::set(‘markdown’, false);

Silly me, with a proper false it works. Wohoo thanks!

Yes, there it is not listed.

But look at Kirby docs: Cheat Sheet > Options > markdown.

And may be Kirby docs: Cheat Sheet > Options > markdown.parser can help you to build another (aka no) parser.