Is a zip code table too large for Kirby and how to implement?

I have an excel spreadsheet containing support addresses which correspond to US zip codes, where one support address handles many zip codes. I found a way to convert my spreadsheet to a markdown table, however it only goes up to 500x500. Is there a way to map these support addresses to a number of zip codes or would table be too large?
Thanks for any help.

How many support addresses do you have (an how many zip codes per address)?

And: Do you just want to display the table on the website or do you need some kind of script that searches for the support address based on the zip the user entered?

I have thousands of zip codes and probably 60 support addresses. The user enters the zip code and one of the corresponding company name/addresses needs to display.
Thanks for responding!!

Then you should probably use a database (SQLite is just fine). Kirby has database classes that help you with this.

Thank you for the direction. Will implement that way!!

One note regarding the database structure: You should probably have two tables (β€œzips” and β€œlocations”). The zips table will contain all zips and each row will have a reference to the ID of the respective support address in the other table. This saves you a lot of data duplication because many zips have the same address.

Let us know in case you have any issues or questions. :slight_smile:

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Will use the reference and create 2 databases. Thanks again!

Not two databases but two tables in the same database. :slight_smile:

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realized that after I said it oops. Thanks