Introducing: 'Kirby3 Highlight'

Dear community,
I just released v1.0.0 of my K3 syntax highlighting plugin - like with its predecessor, you get …

Hopefully, I didn’t forget anything - pluginkit cleanup FTW!

If you like it, star it - I’m buying my own coffee :stuck_out_tongue:



I want use this plugins with the actual Kirby and Kirby Editor Version, but get this following error.

Can anyone help me or anyone use this plugin

You dont actually need this plugin for code added into the The Editor in the panel. It already adds classes to the output according to the language you pick in the editor. These classes are compatable with Prism. You just need to load Prism on the front end in your template, and it should highlight stuff. The easiest way is to use the CDN version but custom builds are possible.

The plugin above is meant for use with standard textareas.

Thank you i get it running with prism. but server side rendered i like more. i like more less js

Me too, but Prism is tiny. 2 - 3kb depending on how many languages you need it to hightlight. And you dont need to add it site wide, just to the template that you use for code examples.

I guess there might be a PHP port of Prism out there some where, but you would need to turn that into a plugin i think.