Can't get Syntax Highlight to work

how do I get Syntax Highlighting to work?
I follow the explanation by using


However nothing happens.
In this topic it is mentioned a new editor in 3.3.2 where I even can select the languages. I just updated the core but I can’t find any of this.

How do I get syntax highlight to work?

thank you

The editor is an official plugin:

Thank you. I will give it a try.

However shouldn’t the syntax highlight work already with Kirby 3?
My code results in this:

Are we talking about syntax highlighting in the Panel or on the frontend?

I want to have a blog where I write articles about coding and show the code.

Just like on the Kirby Guide: Using KirbyTags in templates

Thank you for your help

Our website uses prism.js for syntax highlighting.

Oh than I misunderstood the styleguide.

So I thought this would be integrated in kirby.
Is there a documentation on how to implement prism.js?

thank you

The style guide is for people who contribute to the website.

Kirby doesn’t make any assumptions about your frontend code, it’s up to you to create your HTML markup, your styles and your JS where required.

The prism.js website has documentation how to set it up:


Thank you for the clarification.