Intl() function undefined on on a server with Intl php ext

Hi there,

I started using intl by modifying config like this:

    return [
        'date' => [
            'handler' => 'intl'

And I use it in many places, i.e.

<?= $n->startdate()->isNotEmpty() ? $n->startdate()->toDate('MMM d ') : '' ?> 
<?= $n->enddate()->isNotEmpty() ? $n->enddate()->toDate('- MMM d, yyyy') : '' ?>

Locally it worked well, but when I deployed to a server with php 8.0 that, according to their tech support, has intl php module loaded (they just checked), I am getting:

"Call to undefined function intl()"

… and the following stacktrace, for the sake of completeness:

#14 Error in /home/noguera1/public_html/
#13 Kirby\Toolkit\Str:date in /home/noguera1/public_html/
#12 Kirby\Cms\Core:{closure} in /home/noguera1/public_html/
#11 Kirby\Cms\Field:__call in /home/noguera1/public_html/
#10 Kirby\Cms\App:{closure} in [internal]:0
#9 array_filter in /home/noguera1/public_html/
#8 Kirby\Toolkit\Collection:filter in /home/noguera1/public_html/
#7 Kirby\Cms\App:{closure} in [internal]:0
#6 Closure:call in /home/noguera1/public_html/
#5 Kirby\Toolkit\Controller:call in /home/noguera1/public_html/
#4 Kirby\Cms\App:controller in /home/noguera1/public_html/
#3 Kirby\Cms\Page:controller in /home/noguera1/public_html/
#2 Kirby\Cms\Page:render in /home/noguera1/public_html/
#1 Kirby\Cms\App:io in /home/noguera1/public_html/
#0 Kirby\Cms\App:render in /home/noguera1/public_html/

Am I doing anything wrong?

Is the intl() function part of PHP intl module, or is it a Kirby defined function?

According to docs, intl should work since 3.6.5 and this is

Thank you

No, forget it.

I see the remote version of kirby is, for some reason, not following the local version and it is under 3.6.5.