Integrate a single-sign-on for the panel

I’m sitting here (in the boring room… wait stop) and I’m looking at Kirby’s User und UserAbstract class and the related code and I don’t really get, how this is all coming together.

First things first: The reason is, that I’m evaluating if we can ditch our buggy old wiki installation which we use for our software documentation in favour of Kirby.

We have several authors for our documentation and at our old wiki they are authenticated through an external database where we hold all our customer information etc. Basically wiki and our (self made) CRM tool are using the same session cookie. The wiki had a plugin with all necessary code to evaluate, if this is a valid user.

Is it possible to have a likewise approach for the panel? So can I easily hook into the session management of the panel and check, if we have a authenticated user? The login form itself can be served by our CRM tool - so I could do an redirect to our own login form - I think, you know what I mean.

Thanks so far and sorry for the Ohrwurm!

With a fresh mind I stumbled upon @jenstornell’s autologin plugin. I think I found out how to do it!