Installation problem


I downloaded and copied the files to the htdocs folder. I then read the page:

It says
If you’re command line addicted and you’ve already installed PHP 5.4 or newer, you can install and run Kirby 2 with just three lines:

Well, this does not work. And what is the end of the if-then-else clause? If you X then do Y else do ???

So, if you are not command line addicted then how do you install?

EDIT I solved this. The command line is an alternative way of installing, not a neccesary step in a sequence of steps. I’m afraid it wasn’t clear to me.

Glad you figured it out. You are right, installing via Git is an alternative way of installing one of the Kirby kits: Starterkit, Plainkit, or Languagekit.

The third line

php -S localhost:8000

then starts the web server that is built into php 5.4+ (provided that php is installed on your machine).