Instagram Feed API into panel

Hi there,

I have followed the tutorial First Panel View and have managed to load in an instagram feed through an API.

The tutorial creates a ‘view’ of the data - but my goal is to have these as selectable inputs - so the user can choose which instagram posts they want to display in the front end.

Is it possible to have these elements as selectable fields? currently they are just <k-cards>. Ideally a user could select a card (or an alternative input type) and this would store that post ID so that I could access it in the front end.

Alternatively - has anyone come up with their own instagram feed solution for the panel?

Really excited by the potential of this - any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


This has come up a couple of times lately. Easiest way is to turn them in to virtual pages via RSS (Instagram shut the API off so you cant go that way anymore.)

You can use a service like this one to turn the instagram page into a RSS feed…

You can turn the feed into virtual pages

The guide on mixing virtual and real content might be useful too, as this lets you add fields to virtual pages (like a toggle to turn the articles on or off)


If you have already managed to get the feed in via the API, I’d also suggest using them as virtual pages rather then a custom Panel view. That would allow you to deal with them in the same way as subpages, including using a select field to select items.

But I agree that radio buttons to select items would be nice, no matter if the items are children or not. Theoretically it should be possible to add some custom HTML and functionality to the cards to achieve this, and store the selected items somewhere.

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