Improve consistency of Save/Cancel buttons in the Panel

With Kirby/Panel version 2.1.1 the panel at “Site options” and “Users > Username” looks like

Most other Panel pages look like

My idea is to change the buttons on the first type of panel pages to the second. I think, nobody needs the “Cancel” button there.

Some time ago, I have tested a RTL language in a multiple language test website.
There the two buttons change their position, what may be ok. But for me, this avoids to push the correct button, because I’m not able to read this language e.g. on the buttons.

If you @bastianallgeier would follow my idea, nobody can have this problem any more.

Why would you choose a user language that you don’t understand?

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I think it makes sense to have an easy way out of these areas of the site where you might just want to see what the current settings are. Let’s say you are on the site options page to copy the license key and haven’t used the breadcrumb navigation before.

But yes, it’s inconsistent. In my opinion that’s completely fine for these special pages though.