Images that don't need php,

hello all,
I just uploaded images that don’t need php It works with “img src=”…/content/~~".
was fine on localhost, but when I upload it to the server, it doesn’t show up.
Is there any other rules to load image in php?

Kirby copies images to the media folder to make them publicly accessible when their URL is called. While content in the content folder is by default blocked via a rules in the default .htaccess file.

It also doesn’t really make sense to treat the files like in a static html file, if you want to call each image manually without PHP (i.e. without using Kirby’s API), then it sort of defeats the purpose of using a CMS, I think.

Thanks! But The things I want to use as static images are the things that don’t need to be modified going forward.I need to use light gallery.js but with php loading method, it is not working… so you mean, there is no way to load image?

Could you post the PHP code you have tried? And a link to the JS library. I haven’t seen a library that wouldn’t work with PHP yet.

In “a”, it is working… but in other categories, can not load same carousel with php load. So I linked with content/works/01_a blabla… can not loading…
Thank you very much…!

Well, my question was for the actual PHP code you tried that did not work. And what Javascript library you are using for the gallery.

Owl carousel…

Ok, I’ve used that library in the past. No reason why it shouldn’t work with PHP code. Asking last time: Please post the code you tried. I can’t help you if you don’t provide the needed information.

Ok I will… so…I ask you one more time… just for check… there is no way to load img without php. Right?

I guess you could use relative links if you modify the .htaccess file. But honestly, in my opinion such relative links are not what I would ever use myself. Nor would I want to hard-code images into a template