ImageMagik crop issue

Hi, I also have troubles (only on remote server - works fine on local) with black background on PNG’s images.
I read these posts here and here, so I also switch to ImageMagik, but cropping image seems to do not work anymore.

Images are correctly renamed in media folder with correspondant crop size, but image itself is not cropped.

any idea?

Is ImageMagick installed at all on the server?

From what I’ve read that is a problem with certain GD versions, so there’s not anything we can do about it. Does you hosting offer multiple PHP versions? Maybe switching to another one helps.

Yes, it seems to be installed and run version 6X.

On local and php7.2 and remote php7.3 cropping does not work with imageMagik

Just as side note, it happens randomly with some images.

Only cropping or resizing in general?

I just switch in my server from 7.3 to php 7.2 and cropping and resizing work.